Mobile Price In Nepal (Under -30,000)

Mobile Price In Nepal (Under -30,000)
Mobile Price In Nepal (Under -30,000)

Mobile Price In Nepal (Under -30,000)

All Nepali Mobile Phone Samsung, Xiaomi, VIVO, Huawei, Honor & OPPO Price In Nepal Under 30,000.  This All Mobile Price Are Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in the market. Choose any one of these models in the market you can pay to buy the maximum price rate.

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Best Buying Price
😍Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Rs.8,499
😍Samsung Galaxy A10s (2+32GB) Rs.13,999
😍Samsung Galaxy A20s (3+32GB) Rs.18,899
😍Samsung Galaxy A20s (4+64GB) Rs.19,999
😍Samsung Galaxy A30 (4+64GB) Rs.23,899
😍Samsung Galaxy A30s (4+128GB) Rs.27,499
😍Samsung Galaxy M30s (4+64GB) Rs.24,899
😍Samsung Galaxy M30s (6+128GB) Rs.28,699
😍Samsung Galaxy M31 Coming Soon
😍Samsung Galaxy M40 (6+128GB) Rs.25,999
😍Samsung Galaxy A50 (4+64GB) Rs.26,699

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Models no. & Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
😍Redmi Go (8GB) Rs.7,499
😍Redmi Go (16GB) Rs.7,999
😍Redmi 8A (2+32GB) Rs.11,999
😍Redmi 8A (3+32GB) Rs.12,999
😍Redmi 8A Dual (3+32GB) Rs. 12,999
😍Redmi 7 (2+32GB) Rs.13,999
😍Redmi 7 (3+32GB) Rs.15,999
😍Redmi 8 (4+64GB) Rs.14,999
😍Redmi Y3 (3+32GB) Rs.16,999
😍Redmi Y3 (4+64GB) Rs.19,999
😍Redmi Note 7 (3+32GB) Rs.19,999
😍Redmi Note 7 Pro (4+64GB) Rs.24,999
😍Redmi Note 7 Pro (6+64GB) Rs.25,999
😍Redmi Note 7 Pro (6+128GB) Rs.25,999
😍Redmi Note 8 (4+64GB) Rs.18,999
😍Redmi Note 8 (6+128GB) Rs.23,999
😍Redmi Note 8 Pro (6+64GB) Rs.26,999
😍Redmi Note 8 Pro (6+128GB) Rs.29,999
😍Xiaomi MI A3 (4+64GB) Rs.23,999
😍Xiaomi MI A3 (6+128GB) Rs.27,999

VIVO Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo all Models no. & Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
😍Vivo Y90 Rs.13,690
😍Vivo Y93 Rs.17,890
😍Vivo Y11 Rs.17,990
😍Vivo Y12 Rs.21,990
😍Vivo Y15 Rs.24,190
😍Vivo Y17 Rs.27,290
😍Vivo Y19 Rs.27,990

Huawei Mobile Price in Nepal

HUAWEI ALL Model No. & Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
😍Huawei Y5 Lite Rs.11,990
😍Huawei Y5 Pro 2019 Rs.13,490
😍Huawei Y6s Rs.14,990
😍Huawei Y6 Pro 2019 Rs.16,790
😍Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 (3/64GB with Fingerprint) Rs.20,490
😍Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Rs.29,990

Honor Mobile Price in Nepal

Honor all Model no. & Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
😍Honor 7S Rs.10,890
😍Honor 8s  Rs.11,590
😍Honor 8A  Rs.13,590
😍Honor 8A Lite Rs.13,590
😍Honor 10 Lite Rs.17,999 (32GB) Rs. 20,399 (64GB)
😍Honor 8X (64GB) Rs.21,999
😍Honor 9X (128GB) Rs.28,990
😍Honor Play Rs.28,090

OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal

Oppo all Model no. & Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
😍OPPO A1k (2+32GB) Rs.14,790
😍OPPO A3s (2+16GB) Rs.16,990
😍OPPO A3s (3+32GB) Rs.24,590
😍OPPO A5s (2+32GB) Rs.15,990
😍OPPO A5s (3+32GB) Rs.17,590
😍OPPO A7 (4+64GB) Rs.24,990
😍Oppo A5 2020 (3+64GB) Rs.22,990
😍Oppo A5 2020 (4+128GB) Rs.25,490

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